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Assignment 6 Animation: Pass the Coding or Adhesive Answers

Assignment 6 Animation

Animation is a process of execution that gives life to an image by facilitating a visual response from the audience. Animation has been used in TV, film, and advertising, and short animations showcased on the internet. 

The use of animation has grown exponentially over the years and is often used for games and educational purposes. There are different types of animations ranging from 2D to 3D.

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What is Assignment 6: Animation?

Assignment 6: Animation is a short video that explains the process of creating an animation.


This assignment will focus on using your chosen software and other tools to create an animation. The goal is to create an animation with a storyline, characters, and settings.

The first step is to sit down with a pen and paper and write down all the characters you want in your animation.

For example, if you are making a cartoon about animals, it would be helpful to describe them in terms of colors, size and shape.

You may also want to describe how they move or what type of clothes they wear for clothing options for your characters.

After writing down all these details about your characters, it’s time to start drawing them on paper using pencils or markers.

This can be done using any method you like; however, if you are just starting with designing cartoons, it’s best not to spend too much time on this step because it can take up a lot of time if done right away.

Once you’ve finished drawing your characters on paper, it’s time to create an animatic or storyboard before producing the final piece.

What is Involved in Assignment 6 Animation?

Assignment 6 Animation is an animation assignment where you have to create a series of images in which the characters walk with different expressions. You can use any method and software to help you create the animations. 

animation question

The images must get created in such a way that they look like real-life photographs or video clips.

The most important thing here is to keep your animations simple, so your viewers can easily understand them.

If you want your animations to be more complicated, you should consider using other tools instead of Photoshop or After Effects for this assignment.

You will need to work on an animation script, which will have all the information about your project, including:

  1. The idea for an animation
  2. Timeline and budget
  3. The main character and supporting characters
  4. Backgrounds and objects you want

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Where to Get Assignment 6: Animation Answers

1. Brainly Website

using brainly website

Brainly is a website that provides students with online testing and assignments to improve their studying skills.

The website also offers other educational tools such as flashcards, games and vocabulary lessons.

Brainly offers several different types of tests, including animation questions, chemistry questions and math questions.

The website also has a section for teachers where they can find lesson plans or other resources related to their subject matter.

Students can take any of these tests anytime or at night, even on weekends or holidays when they are not in school. They can also create an account on Brainly if they want to access all of their saved tests again later.

The site also allows students to earn points for each question they answer correctly. Students can use these points to redeem rewards like discounts on textbooks or even advance placement exams in college courses like engineering or computer science.

2. Quizlet Website

The Quizlet website is a great place to get answers for the animation assignment, especially if you’re looking for an easy way to study.

This website has many different flash games and quizzes that are perfect for studying on your own time, so it’s also a good place to relax and play games without worrying about being graded.

This website offers a variety of different features:

  • Flash Games – You can play games like “Pacman” or “Snake”, both fun ways to learn while waiting for the next assignment to come in.
  • Flash Cards: These cards will help you memorize things like math formulas or physics equations by putting them into a game format.
  • Flash Movies: You can watch short animations or movies created by other students who have taken this class before you. These animations are usually pretty funny and will also help you practice your writing skills.
  • Quizzes: There are several types of quizzes available on the website, including ones about history, math, science, geography and more! This will allow you to practice your test-taking skills.

3. Programming Help Websites

code academy learning

These websites are extremely helpful and free of charge for students who seek other assignment answers.

  • Programming Help – This website has been around for years and is one of the most popular websites today.
  • This website has all kinds of programming help you can use on assignments and homework questions. 
  • Code Academy – Code Academy is another great source for getting help with your programming assignments and homework questions.
  • This website offers online video tutorials that are broken down into different levels. 

4. Ask Questions on Coding Forums

There are several forums where students get help with their assignments, and many people will post their solutions online if they know them.

You can find some of these forums by searching for them on Google or Yahoo! Search Engine, one of the most popular search engines in the world today. 

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What Creating a Storyboard in Assignment 6 Involves

Storyboards are used to communicate the structure of a film or television program. They are also used to help illustrate a story.

A storyboard is a visual representation of the content on screen, but not necessarily what will be in the final cut of the film or television program. It does not contain dialogue, so it is not a script.

In this assignment, you will create your storyboard using Adobe Photoshop. You will also need to research how storyboards are created and what they can be used for by looking at examples from other students.

Create a script for your short film. You must include all of your characters, lines of dialogue, and scenes that you want to be included in your film.

Still, you must leave out any information that would make it difficult to understand what is being said, for example, subtitles.