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Late Assignment Email: Examples and Professor Escape Tips

writing Late Assignment Email

Late assignment emails are ways that students use to communicate to their professors on issues of late assignments. Here are top late assignment examples and tips to get away with a late assignment

Students getting late with assignments is a common thing in school today, and it is good to find a way to save face and earn a grade. And nothing hacks the situation better than an email to the professor.

These are not just normal emails and there are specifications that students need to follow when communicating to the lecturer on late assignments.

Be intentional when writing to your instructor. Therefore, before we delve into the examples of emails you can write to your professor when you are late, let us first check some of the reasons that may necessitate such action.

Why Write a Late Assignment Email to your Professor?

The following are some of the reasons why students write late assignment emails to their professors:

1. To Inform the Professor That you Will Submit the Assignment Late

Students who are unable to finish their assignments on time write to professors to inform them that their assignments will be late.

It is important to inform professors in advance that you will not submit your assignment as per the deadline rather than submitting it with no notice. 

2. Explaining why you will be Late

explaining why late assignment

Some students are held up by unavoidable circumstances that hinder them from completing their assignments on time.

When the student is ill or his parents or guardians are, balancing time between taking care of parents, doing household chores, and doing their assignments is hard.

These students write to their instructors informing them that they may miss the assignment deadline

3. Requesting for An Extension

Students who can’t finish their assignments on time write to their instructors requesting additional time to complete their assignments.

This email should explain the reasons as to why they were unable to meet the set deadline, their assignment progress, and the time that they need to complete the assignment.

Students who request deadlines to have more time for conducting research and eventually submitting quality work are mostly known by professors and get their requests granted. 

4. Apologizing for Late Assignments

Professors hate it when students hand in their work late. It is, therefore, good if students write emails to their professors apologizing for late assignment submissions.

An apology email should be written in a sincere most manner. This can help avoid harsh penalties and earn leniency from your professor.

Professors are always understanding and will listen to your concerns provided you don’t have a record of being irresponsible. An apology email should have believable reasons as to why your assignment is late.

It should also have the apology directed to the instructor and a promise that you made a mistake and it will never be repeated. 

How to Write a Late Assignment Email

In our guide on how to write an email to a professor, we guided you on the steps to take and the reasons that can necessitate it. However, emails on lateness are different.

Late assignment emails have become common among students today. Most people are familiar with emails but not very good with writing late emails.

How to write a late assignment email

Below is how one should write a late assignment email to your professor.

On the “To” part write the email address of your professor.

Always confirm that you have the correct email address to avoid sending your email to a different person. 

On the subject part of the email write the reason why you are sending the email. The reasons can be?

  • Application letter for late assignment submission. This can be due to the need for more time for research or if the student forgot submitting homework or did not remember when the assignment was due.
  • Apology letter for late assignment submission. This is a direct apology to the professor for late assignment submissions, a regret for any inconvenience caused, and a promise to change.
  • Request for a deadline extension. This is mostly written by students who have not done the assignment due to unavoidable circumstances.

Still, on the subject part, include your name and personal information that will help the professor identify you.

On the body part of your email explain why you are writing the email. Begin with a salutation that is “Dear sir/madam.”

Now explain yourself in simple terms and make the professor understand why you are submitting your assignment late. You can borrow an example from a list of excuses for a late assignment that I have created from my interactions with students.

End it with a polite closure. Most students use “sincere apologies and regards.” Insert your name or your school registration number at the end.

Examples of Late Assignment Emails

1. An Example of a Late Submission Apology

Late submission Apology email

2. Deadline Extension Email example

Deadline Extension Email example

Tips when Writing a Late Assignment Email

There are several things you should do and not do when writing a late assignment email.

The Dos

Keep it brief

Never write a long letter. Go straight to the point. Explain yourself in 6-7 sentences. Anything more than that will be too big. Remember the professor has limited time.

Use the Correct Email

Make sure that the email of your professor is correct. You can check it on the syllabus where they provide it or on the official website of the institution.

Be Polite

This is very crucial. You have done a mistake and you should address the professor in the right manner. Use the full name of the professor.

Also, use Dear sir/madam at the beginning. Mind the tome of the language you use. Be sorry. End your email with a complimentary close too.

Fill in the subject part of the email correctly

This is where you write what your email is all about. Use statements such as “late assignment submission” or “missed paper deadline. Write your name too and your personal information too for easy identification. 

  • If you need a deadline extension, ask for permission to meet up and set another due date for your assignment.
  • Always apologize for your lateness and express regrets for not completing your assignment on time. 

The Don’ts

Avoid a Friendly Language

Even if you are friends with the professor write your email in an official language. If you use too much informal language, the teacher may ignore your email and this becomes a waste of time.

Avoid Long Emails

Do not write a lot of information. You are likely to distort the message. Some professors do not like such long emails because, in the first place, they know the disadvantages of late homework to the rest of the class.

Do Not Lie

When you lie and investigations reveal you lied, you will be in for severe penalties. Always be sincere with your explanation of what led to late submission.

Do not Shift Blames

Take responsibility for submitting the assignment late. Don’t blame the professor or the institution. 

What to Write to your Professor

In most cases, instructors provide you with a guide for sending assignments through emails. In these cases, follow the instructions fully.

When there are no instructions provided, on the subject part write the course name, course code, the title of the assignment, and your details.

On the body part of the professor begin with a proper email greeting and explain briefly what you have sent. Attach the assignment file and send.