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Whiny College Students: Causes and Tips on How to Deal with them

Whiny College Student

Modern-day college students have become chronic whiners. Child-like complaints and petulant behavior are highly exhibited among them. But what is the cause of this kind of behavior and how can instructors deal with it?

This article offers a detailed account of the causes of whining and how it can be dealt with.

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Causes of Whining Among College Students

The following are the major causes of whining among college students;

student complaining


This is the main cause of whining among college students.

Most of them do not want to work hard and they prefer having a lot of free time.

When instructors give them assignments and tasks to accomplish, most college students start complaining because they do not want to work. They are very invested in their free time and don’t want to make any time for schoolwork.

A lot of Assignment

This is the main notable cause of whining in colleges. Whenever the professors issue assignments at the end of the class, there are always rumblings and murmurs among students with most of them wanting the work to be reduced.

Students prefer light assignments that they can finish up quickly and turn their attention to other things that have nothing to do with academics.

Feeling Entitled to Something

Some students believe that they must pass their exams or be included in teams and clubs.

You will find most students complaining to their professors that they failed them instead of focusing on improving in the areas where they failed.

Others will be petulant toward the coaches of different teams and the leaders of different clubs for getting snubbed even though students better than them legitimately deserved their spot.


avoid negativity

Students who do not see the positive side of anything in college will always be whining.

They will criticize everything when they get the chance to do so.

Some whine about the quality of food, not being the professor’s favorite student, and the conditions of co-curricular activities even if other students do not have an issue with them.

They never see the good side of anything in college and will always want to direct their negativity toward something

Attention Seeking

Some college students usually want to have the spotlight directed at them. They want to be the center of attraction in the whole school. Most of them do not know how to do this hence they become chronic whiners.

All they want is to let everyone know that they are unhappy with something or have contrary opinions on matters. As a result, everyone will know them.

Believe that only their Opinion Matters

Some students are always whining because they believe that only their opinion matters and no one else should have a say on issues.

When people side with the contrary opinion they always complain and accuse them of not knowing what they are doing. This goes to the extreme extent of considering people who do not support their views as enemies.

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How to deal with Whining College Students

Whining college students can be dealt with using the following ways:

1. Ignoring Them

choose to ignore

Most whining college students are attention seekers and ignoring them can be a perfect way to put their petulant behaviors to bed.

When they clock that no one is minding what they are complaining about then they are likely to stop

2. Motivating Students

Students who whine because they are lazy and hate doing work can be motivated to ensure that the whining goes away. Motivated students will always strive to be better and want to do more.

Motivation can be done by setting them realistic goals that they will  aim to achieve

3. Distract Them

Whining and complaining students can be distracted using compulsory activities and things that they love doing most.

When a whining student is given assignments and told that it carries a bigger percentage of their final exams then they will stop complaining and focus on it.

Also, when students are kept busy with co-curricular activities they enjoy doing, they will not find time to channel their complaints to anyone

4. Removing Them from Groups

Students who are always whining in college should be shifted to another class. This will change their study environment and may end their chronic complaints.

This mainly works if the main cause of whining was behavior towards the class professor or fellow students

5. Rewarding Students who do not Whine

If you are a professor and most of your students whine about everything in class, introducing an award to those who do not complain can help put an end to that behavior.

Students will look forward to conducting themselves properly in class to also receive the reward.

6. Teaching Students Always to see the Positive Side

be positive

Negativity is one of the main causes of whining. If negative students can be made to see the positive side of life they can quit their whining behaviors.

This can start by encouraging them to say positive things about themselves and their lives.

Positive changes in how such students speak and conduct themselves can be a great way to make them start seeing the positive side of life more.

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Common Challenges Facing College Students

Students in colleges today face the following problems;

Time Management

Once you start your time in college the first thing you realize is the amount of free time available because classes to attend are few.

Many students do not know what to do with this time and end up indulging in activities that are not productive with no priority given to academic activities

Peer Pressure

Once you get to college you meet up with people from all walks of life. Some have different beliefs and behaviors that your culture does not allow or were restricted during your upbringing.

fighting peer pressure

When you start interacting with these people they introduce you to their ways and it takes a strong resolve to say no which most students do not have


Every student in college wants to have a boyfriend or a girlfriend.

With very little knowledge of handling and behaving in a relationship, things can get messy.

Many college students fall into depression after breakups and contract sexually transmitted diseases after having unprotected sex.


This is the new world order in colleges in the world today. A college without parties during the weekends and even on weekdays is considered boring. Partying in college is the platform for drug abuse.

Alcoholic drinks are usually plenty at parties and drug dealers see them as perfect for the sale of illegal substances to students. Many students will today confess that they came to know drugs and became addicts through parties.