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Cumulative Exam Edgenuity: Number of Questions, How to answer

cumulative exam edgenuity

In a student’s academic life one thing is as obvious as the sun shining from the east and setting on the west- exams.

Despite being dreaded by most students, they have to be done and one way of administering these exams is through the cumulative exam Edgenuity. 

Cumulative exams are tests meant for students to measure on everything they learnt throughout a semester or rather throughout the whole year.

This type of exam aims at measuring whether the students have understood and retained the information learnt throughout their courses within their entire learning period.

Cumulative exams are done by students who have completed their course but they need to prove their that they actually understood what was taught by passing the exam successfully.

Cumulative exams are aimed at testing the students’ knowledge in relation to whatever they were taught in class across the year, with more emphasis being on academic performance. 

The cumulative exam is important because it guarantees that students will prepare well for the next step regarding exams though in a different way.

It tests whether the students have understood the fundamental information and concepts related to the course before grading them.

This style of testing encourages the students to study material throughout the year in a top-bottom structure.

Do you have to Pass the Cumulative Exam on Edgenuity?

cumulative exam edgenuity

Like any other exam, it is a requirement that one must pass the cumulative exam on Edgenuity.

Ordinarily, students will be granted two attempts to pass the exam.

In case the student fails in the two attempts, the test review will be reassigned before a third test is reassigned for another attempt.

Before any retake, the students may be expected to check with their teacher through Google meet.

If the fail attempt is set to one and the student still fails, the Dashboard will present an alert because the student will have exhausted the fail attempts.

These pointers indicate that the student will have no choice but to pass the cumulative exam.

What happens if you fail the cumulative exam on Edgenuity?

Not everyone will pass an exam but that should not worry you because this exam gives you some hope. For you to pass the cumulative exam, you have to score at least 60% for you to earn a credit score.

Should you fail to achieve that, there is always room for a re-take. Should a student fail a pretest, it means that the student has exhausted the failed attempts hence an optional retake will be provided by the teacher.

The Length of the Cumulative Exam on Edgenuity?

The length of the cumulative exam on Edgenuity depends on the type of assessment being carried out. The time taken is tabulated as follows:

Quiz60 minutes
Test120 minutes
Final exam 180 minutes

Are Edgenuity cumulative exams proctored?

Yes. The cumulative exams on Edgenuity are usually proctored and therefore these exams have to be done within a proctored environment. This implies that the exam has to be taken in the presence of a certified teacher or examiner.

In the event that a student is not scheduled for the Edgenuity exam, the student will be required to set up their own times in order to take the assessments.

 cumulative exams

When the students are sitting for their midterm and final exams in their Edgenuity courses, they will be highly proctored on site.

At that particular time, the students are monitored and should they be seen using a phone, talking, copying or even opening tabs on their screens, they will get a zero score.

Students should know that their teacher is able to see their screen as they take the exam and actually monitor all their activities.

How to Prepare for the Cumulative Exam Edgenuity

As noted earlier on, the cumulative exam Edgenuity aims at testing the year’s content. This means that the student must be well prepared in order to perform well in the exam.

A number of strategies must be put in place to achieve this.

First of all, it is prudent to begin your preparations early enough because the exam itself is comprehensive and thus you will be required to invest a lot of time in it so as to pass.

You will be required to make studying a routine and avoid last minute rushes which are known to cause burn outs and it is not also the best studying method.

Additionally, you have to take your notes as early as possible and do not wait for the last minute or the last class for you to start making notes as this can make you miss out on important points.

cumulative exam on Edgenuity

It is advisable that you start taking your notes as early as the first class in order to have a summary of all the information, captured in a way that only you can understand.

This also gives you a platform to review the notes regularly which will help a big deal when the exams come knocking ultimately giving you confidence.

You will also be required to diversify your study methods rather than sitting in front of your computer studying which is not only boring but also difficult to make you stay focused within a particular period of time.

To make your studies interesting you will need to diversify your methods which ultimately will act as a motivation.

Should it occur that you have been given a second chance in a cumulative exam, you have to make the best out of it.

In the event that your initial grade was unsatisfactory, and you have been granted the chance of a retake, make the most out of this opportunity by figuring out where you went wrong in the particular exam.

You Invest a lot of your energy, time and material in revision because it is one of the exams that offers a student a second chance. Why can’t you then grab the chance? 

How to get Cumulative Exam Edgenuity Answers

It is actually possible to get cumulative exam Edgenuity answers though in some instances the answers are usually random from past questions.

When you open the window which has the exam, a multiple of options to select will appear on the upper side of the page.

On the far right there will appear one with a ‘more’ and has a drop down arrow then click it to access the ‘view course structure’.

You can then find the lesson in order to view the assessment answers under a section written ‘quiz answers.’

The pop up window will provide you with all the assessment questions that relate to the particular lesson and for you to get a specific question and the answer, simply select a question number.