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How Long Does it Take to Write a Research Paper: 5 or 30 Pages

time to write a Research Paper

You may be wondering how long it might take one to come up with a research paper and well, research papers do not have a definite time required to be written as they vary from writer to writer depending on speed and ability.

It should be understood that the time taken to write a research paper is reliant on a number of issues such as the technicality of the research paper, the extent of the research and the timeframe given for the research paper among other factors.

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How Long Does it Take to Write a Research Paper?

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The time taken to write a research paper depends on the skills, length of the paper, the technicality of the topic plus the speed of the writer and therefore it is not easy to get the exact time that a research paper might take apart from having estimates.

It might take you two hours or less as an average writer for a 500-600-word research paper. For instance:

  • A 1500-word paper might take you four hours or so depending on the complexity of the work and your writing skills while a 5-page research paper of about 1500-1650 words might take you four to five hours for a slow writer while a fast writer might require three hours for the same.
  • A 10-page research paper which mostly includes class assignments might take you five to ten hours as a fast writer since it ranges from between 2500-2750 words while a slow writer might take twelve hours or even a day.
  • A 20-page research paper may take 4-5 days for a slow writer while the same can take 2 days for a fast writer depending on the organization, speed and research skills of the writer.
  • A 40-page research paper might take a fast writer three to three and half days while a slow writer might take six to eight days.

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What Factors Determine the Time you Use to Write a Paper?

Technicality of the Research Paper

The time taken on a research paper depends on the technicality and complexity of the content.

Technical topics from fields such as biology, physics, nursing and geography will most likely take most of your time to write as compared to less technical areas like sociology and art topics.

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The Extent of the Research

A research paper that is in-depth and requires critical analysis normally requires a lot of time due to thorough research.

This means that the more complex the subject the greater extent the research will be. Research papers on topics science will definitely fall into this category.

The Timeframe Given for the Research Paper

Your personal schedule, the deadline of the research paper and timeframe for your research paper will determine the time you will take to complete it.

The more time at your disposal means the longer you will take to complete the paper and therefore you should strive to complete the paper as fast as possible in order to have more time to polish it and make it better.

How to Speed up your Writing

One of the key ingredients in trying to write a research paper using the shortest time possible is speed.

It will come as no surprise that the faster you organize yourself in terms of looking for relevant information for your paper, piecing information together in proper flow and writing it, the shorter the time your paper will take.

To Write Faster Strive to Type Faster

You surely need to Train yourself to type faster so as to increase your writing pace. This can be achieved through thorough typing exercises and habitual playing of typing games that will boost muscle memory in the fingers.

speed chart

It is also important to learn how to type without looking at the keyboard in case you are that type that does so and also try to avoid the hunt and peck technique which entails not using all the ten fingers in typing.

This will train you to become a faster, efficient and stronger typist.

You can also turn to websites and sites that can guide you on how fast or slow your typing is and also provide you with tips, lessons and exercises on how to increase your typing speed in terms of words per minute since typing faster in essence means writing faster.

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Keep on Writing Without Worrying About Mistakes 

In order to write fast, one of the cardinal rules is to keep on writing without editing. This is because if you edit as you write, your brain will be distracted from the actual task of writing and this will ultimately slow you down.

In as much as you might see obvious mistakes as you write, try and edit the work after you are done with the draft on a page or so.

Optimize the Flow of your Work

If you want to write fast, another quick way is to be in an environment that is set up to facilitate quick writing. This implies that you should not have any distractions, have a good sitting posture and arm yourself with an outline and notes on the topic you are writing about.

It does not mean that in order to optimize the flow of your work you create a flawless environment; it implies that you make your writing environment as conducive as possible. 

Avoid Distractions

In the event that you are writing using your phone, it is advisable that you have it on a do not disturb mode in order to bar any notification which may impede your fast writing.

In case you are on a computer, browser extensions such as Leechblock and Pause can help you to deal with the temptation of peeping at distracting websites, an act that will slow down your concentration and speed.

Imagine telling yourself that you will glance at twitter or Facebook for seconds…never will that happen, just block them out and write.

Proper Sitting Posture

sitting posture

If you want to write faster, a proper sitting posture will be essential because it means being in a comfortable position on your desk as you write.

You will also need to sit up straight with your forearms resting comfortably on your desk. This reduces the strain that is put on your arms, hands, back and neck while typing.

At times you might find yourself writing while in a public place, while traveling on public transit or even in a park that might force you to sit and work in a not so comfortable position, try your best to get close to the best kind of posture needed.  

Reduce Distractions 

Having notes and an outline can prove handy when you want to cut down on the chances of distraction during writing. You can decide to have them on printed paper or rather open a tab on whatever gadget you are using.

Ultimately they will go a long way in helping you to save time as you write instead of wasting your time looking for them when need arises.