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Average Essay Writing Speed: How Long Does it Take to Write

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Speed matters a lot when it comes to essay writing. Remember, you have to not only write a good essay but also to ensure you complete it on time. Therefore, it is very important that students master that feat but this does not come easily.

There are factors to consider, and most importantly, there is a need to know the average essay writing speed. Such knowledge will give you insight on how you can become a better essay writer.

What is the Average Essay Writing Speed?

Essay writing speed varies from one student to another. Some are fast writers, and others will struggle even completing their essays on time. However, there are different factors that cause such differences.

Essay writing

For instance, there is a need for students to carry out in-depth research. A good grasp of the topic is also very crucial. These are exceptional tips to essay writing.

In addition to this, lack of practice can negatively impact your essay writing speed.

Averagely, writing a 1000 words essay will only require 25 minutes. This is the case if you are typing it.

A handwritten essay will only take about 50 minutes for an average writer. Definitely, not every student gets to reach such writing speed. That is why there are fast and slow writers. 

Fastest and Slowest Average Essay Writing Speed

The fastest writers enjoy the luxury of finishing their essays right on time. In contrast, those who are slow have to struggle in order to put together an engaging essay. This is very costly since some might not finish their essay within the set time. It will take them about 16 minutes to write 1000 words for a fast writer.

These are writers who type 60 words per minute. Slow writers type 5 words per minute. This means for 1000 words, they will require 200 minutes. Completing an essay can be a hard nut to crack with such a slow speed. However, there is a way to increase that speed.

And that involves identifying reasons for the slow speed and adapting tips that will bring forth improvement. Proper planning and constant practising are crucial attributes to increasing your writing speed.

Factors Affecting Essay Writing Speed

1. Planning

Before you begin writing, there is always a need for proper planning. With planning, you get to note down your ideas and have an outline of your essay. You will use your outline and ideas to write your essay seamlessly. Unfortunately, some students ignore this vital concept.

They do not take time to conduct research on their topic. Subsequently, they lack the ideas to incorporate into their essay. This is a clear indication that the flow they need while writing an essay is completely absent, thus making them slow writers.

2. Practice

Practising how to write an essay is a vital attribute if you want to become a guru in this field. You get to familiarize yourself with what makes a good writer. And one of the very fundamental traits is a faster writing speed.

This also requires intense practice. You will be able to improve on the words you type per minute, and significantly your writing speed will increase tremendously.

On the other side, lack of enough practice will have a negative impact on your writing speed. Remember, practice makes perfect. Therefore, you will have a hard time meeting the deadline set for submission without it.

Besides, you can suffer from anxiety, which obviously distorts your thought process. You will not be able to align your ideas perfectly, and this will make you struggle to finish your essay.

3. Reading Skills

Reading and understanding your question is also an important attribute if you want to become a fast essay writer. Once you understand the topic of your essay, you will have an easy time writing your essay.

This is because you already have familiarization with the topic at hand. You get to know what the tutor wants then you create an outline that guides you while writing. 

4. Writing Formula

Essay Writing

A writing formula refers to how you structure your essay. You can decide to have an introduction, body then conclusion.

Sticking to such a formula ensures that you already have a picture of what your essay will look like.

Once you start writing, you will simply not wander off this path. However, a lack of a writing formula will slow you down. 

5. Motivation

Without motivation, you will simply struggle to write an engaging essay. In fact, you might even take a long time before you start writing.

And that will slow you down big time.

Therefore, it is always important that you ensure you are in the right mood before you start writing your essay. Find the motivation you need in order to remain focused throughout the entire time while you are writing. 

Tips on How to Increase Your Writing Speed

As a slow writer, you can still make improvements that will be worthwhile. However, you will need to take up some drastic measures to become a fast writer. This means there are tips you have to learn by heart and constantly follow them to the latter. They include the following:

1. Write Frequently

Writing frequently will increase your typing speed. Practice ensures you familiarize yourself with the guidelines of essay writing.

Writing frequently

You get to know how to structure your work and what it takes to write an engaging essay.

Besides, your typing speed will increase tremendously, courtesy of the many times you spend on your keyboard writing.

Therefore, this is a habit you have to adopt in order to flourish as a writer.

2. Conduct Intense Research

It will be prudent to do enough research before you start writing. The research provides you with the information you need to incorporate into your essay.

Once you gather information, make an outline of the ideas that are in line with your topic.

Use the outline to structure your essay then you can now begin writing. This ensures you do not pause halfway through your essay to think about what information to integrate into your essay.

3. Avoid Distractions

Distractions are bound to rob you of your concentration. You end up with an unhealthy writing habit whereby you just cannot finish writing a sentence without making unnecessary stoppages.

To avoid distractions, you need to switch off your phone, close unnecessary browser windows and disconnect your computer from the internet. You will get the peace of mind you require to write your essay devoid of any distractions.

4. Set a Timer

Setting a timer gives you a target that you can work towards achieving. You can easily avoid the habit of procrastinating since you have a challenge you intend to overcome. Also, there will be no room for wasting time.

You can find a digital watch or any device that allows you to set a timer and challenge yourself to write your essay within the set time. You can set different milestones as you go by just to make your writing speed better.

5. Proofread and Edit Later

Proofreading and editing your essay should always come last. It is important you first dedicate your time to writing and completing your essay before you begin correcting any mistakes.

However, if you choose to write while editing at the same time, you end up spending a lot of time. And that will obviously impact your writing speed negatively.

Proofreading and editing later ensures you have a well-written paper you’ll pass.


Essay writing speed is something every student needs to pay attention to. It plays a crucial role in ensuring you get to complete your essay on time. Improvements to your writing speed can be made through practising, researching, challenging yourself and proofreading later.