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Is SafeAssign Free? How students use SafeAssign Check free

How to Use Safeassign

Teachers and their students depend on plagiarism checkers they can trust to ascertain that the work submitted is well-written, original, and well-sourced work. One such tool is Safeassign. But is Safeassign check free?

Without a doubt, plagiarism checkers play a significant role in saving time and giving the results needed. Safeassign works by comparing the student’s work with already existing texts from several databases.

Some of these databases include; the internet, Global reference database, and institutional document archives.

Is Safeassign Check Free

free to use

According to numerous experts’ opinions and opinion polls, there is substantial unethical copying of the information in more than half of the work submitted by students.

However, teachers can now use the Safeassign plagiarism checker for free, which identifies copy-pasted content from work submitted by students.

Safeassign is free and freely accessible to students whose universities use the BlackBoard to manage their online learning. The plagiarism checker allows teachers to freely detect plagiarism. However, universities pay for the software. Also, SafeAssign is only free to users with access to educational institutions.

For universities and colleges, instructors use SafeAssign freely. Using this checker, a teacher enjoys a seamless experience since it is integrated with the LMS and not added as an external tool.

In addition, teachers can choose to allow students to view the originality report, giving them learning opportunities.

It also guides instructors to assist their students to improve their writing are referencing. Such grants them a chance to understand how to express themselves and write concisely.

Therefore, Safeassign check is only free to students of a paying university of college. It is only for educational institutions. Most plagiarism checkers that are also free are accessed by everyone, regardless of their affiliation.

However, to access and benefit from Safeassign, your school must be using the tool.

Tips on How to Use Safeassign Check Free

SafeAssign allows your teacher to check the originality of your work. The tool runs the plagiarism check by running your work in a database of other assignment submissions.

The use of the free method is used mostly by those who want to check SafeAssign score before submitting so that they can revise their drafts to final copies.

The following are ways you can use Safeassign to check for plagiarism.

1. By Uploading a Draft

To start with, you access your assignment by clicking on the “upload assignment” page. Check for the instructions, additional points, due date, and proceed to download the files given by your tutor.

uploading your assignment

After downloading, you receive a text informing you that Safeassign will work on your work.

Second, click on “write submission” to open the area where you will write your assignment.

Thirdly, select “Browse my computer” to upload your work.

Alternatively, you can drag your finished work on your computer to the “hot spot” in the “attach files” icon. Similarly, you can upload a folder of files, and each file will upload singly.

Conversely, your browser may not support the above procedure. Do not worry. If your browser fails to submit your work after uploading a folder, click “do not attach” in the folder’s row to remove it. After this, drag the files one by one and submit them again.

You can change the file name as you wish, even if you are allowed to use the existing file name. Lastly, submit your work by clicking the “submit” icon.

You should note that after submitting your work using Safeassign, there could be delays between uploading and getting the originality reports. Usually, it takes 15 to 20 minutes on average.

Once done, you will see the report. From there, you will have time to check and interpret your SafeAssign scores to know how original your file was.

To understand more about this, read our guide on how long SafeAssign scan takes to understand the time it may need for you to get a report done.

2. Giving a student check for you

Safeassign works for you when your school has permitted you to use the tool. Safeassign has some limitations. Besides uploading files not more than 10mbs, your teacher controls what you do with this free plagiarism checker tool.

In addition, your teacher dictates if you are allowed to make several attempts before submitting your work. This means your teacher can leave you to submit your assignment only once without further re-submission. On this note, ensure you have attached all the required files before you click on submit.

When using Safeassign, you cannot give another student to run a check on your paper. The results will be seen by the other student’s teacher, raising questions about why they are submitting work not given by their instructor or related to what they are currently doing.

3. Registering as an Organization

Is Safeassign check free for other organizations? The answer is yes upon their registration.

On Safeassign, the following steps are taken to register your organization;

  • First, click on the Administration panel, then on Building blocks, and lastly, on Installed Tools.
  • On the Safeassign Building block menu, select settings. Similarly, on the configuration page, select Safeassign settings.
  • Give the following information- your institution name. Your local server URL to validate the registering system and prevent hacking into the central service database.
  • Provide details of the Safeassign administrator. That is the first and last name, email address, and job title.
  • Choose a time zone. This ensures that the Blackboard Learn Server time matches Safeassign Building Block time.
  • To ensure the teacher views both the student’s ID and their name, select show student ID.
  • Click on Allow Safeassigninments in organizations to enable organizations to use Safeassign for assignments submissions.
  • Key in the Institution Release Statement text. This text appears in every assignment run by Safeassign. This text serves to inform students their work is being analyzed for plagiarism. On the same note, if you don’t intend to warn your students, you are free to leave the text box blank.
  • It’s possible to allow checking of your student’s assignments against previously submitted work from other institutions. However, this is only allowed when you select Global Reference Database Activity to submit assignments using Safeassign to the Global Reference Database. In the same manner, if the same is not set, the access is restricted.
  • To acknowledge the Safeassign license agreement, select I Accept.
  • Lastly, click on submit.
  • To ascertain a successful connection, go to the settings page, and the message Connection Status: Established will appear at the top of the page.

4. Requesting for Safeassign Self-Check

You can view your submission report. However, to do so, your teacher must allow this option. This is how you access the Safeassign success report;

using safeassign to submit
  • Go back to the assignment you had submitted.
  • In the “assignment details,” click on “Safeassign.”
  • Check the overall percentages match detected. In case you have numerous attachments, Safeassign analyzes all of them individually.
  • If you are lucky that your teacher has allowed for several attempts, choose other attempts to check on the safeassign’s ratings for that content. 
  • By clicking on “view originality report,” you learn more.

Analyzing your assignment starts the moment you click on submit icon. Furthermore, you agree to the terms and conditions discussed in the files submissions area.

Why Safeassign is unavailable to Individual Students

Besides answering the question of Safeassign check is free, let’s know why it’s not available to individual students.

To start with, in Safeassign registration, only institutional data is keyed in, not individual information. Only schools are privileged to enjoy this plagiarism checker.

Secondly, there is an instructor who reads what has been submitted. An individual student can’t be his instructor.

The instructor checks for originality by comparing the submitted work against a pool of academic writings, looking for overlap between what has been submitted and what already exists.

In addition, an institution is allowed to share its institution’s previously submitted works to the Global Reference Database.

When students submit their assignments, there is a vast pool of sources their work is run against. When using other plagiarism tools, you check against internet resources only.