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Does Proctor Really Watch you? Such as ProctorU, Proctorio

ProctorU Proctorio watch you

Proctor software is a secure and convenient proctoring solution for exams in different institutions. While there are many types of proctor software, only a few are good and most common.

A proctor like Proctor or Proctorio offers valuable services and these two are highly reliable. They offer the convenience of allowing you to do your exam in a private study room or in the comfort of your home.

Indeed, Proctor watches you as you do your exams so as to give professors a view of you to notice any cheating practices.

Through the webcam, proctors like ProctorU or Proctorio help professors to watch what you as the student is doing so that they can detect or prevent any behavior deemed as cheating.

All that is needed to monitor students in a test is installation and their computers being compatible. The only requirement for it to function properly are as follows:

  • The Proctor account
  • A working webcam
  • A functioning microphone
  • A strong internet connection
  • Well lit, quiet, and private room

How to Handle Exams on Proctor

A Proctor like ProctorU or Proctorio is a fully automated program supported by artificial intelligence. It is a reliable platform for administering exams or making corporate training tests.

The user should have an account and use the ID to log in. Let your working area lack any materials that could be suggestive unless the lecturer allowed it.

Proctor is a platform that honors a code of conduct professionally and ethically. Ensure to deactivate all third-party programs since some can be sources of cheating. You should unplug secondary monitors.


During the authentication process, the system prompts you to take a photo. Furthermore, the software gives you a provision to type for it to understand your typing speed. However, it only happens if the lecturer gave this provision.

Download a chatbox file to help you chat with the lecturer in case you are seeking some clarifications.

In addition, ProctorU or Proctorio allow you to review the exam rules, including those items that the professor allowed you to have in the room.

Remote Functions

A Proctor like ProctorU or Proctorio is a unique program that uses a remote check whereby it comes in charge of your keyboard and mouse to clear all unpermitted programs.

Again, a camera pan will prompt the user to take a 360 degree of the room. Furthermore, it may prompt you to show your monitor.

After undergoing the above process, you will be free to unlock the exam using the password. Throughout this period, the webcam will be recording everything.

When the session is on, you should avoid talking too loud and looking off-screen. This will risk you as instructors may think that you are cheating on a proctor exam and you may be caught.

 Also, you should not take photos or screenshots or use a virtual machine during the exams. Lastly, nobody should enter your testing area when the exams are on.

Once Proctor detects any irregularity, it flags off. The lecturer will review all the videos and determine if the student committed the offense. If found guilty, then the faculty will take appropriate action against you.

Can you Hide your Face on Proctor?

You cannot hide from a proctor software like ProctorU or Proctorio because one of the rules of the school is to have your face and presence be visible fully when taking an exam.

Also, some proctors tend to use facial recognition to log you in or verify that you are the one taking an exam and not another person.

Before you log in, there is an authentication process where the system verifies your photo against your face. In other words, their system has some facial recognition features which validate if you are a real student or an impersonation.

The role of allowing the camera to see your face is to help the examiner know if you are a genuine person in this case. Check our guide on what a proctor detects to learn more about what to expect.

If you hide your face, you will cause the system to flag you off. You will be giving some impressions that you are participating in cheating.

The rules require you to make your face clear by looking staying in a position where the camera will capture you. That said, it is wrong to hide your face on Proctor.

What to Do if you Get Caught Cheating on Proctor

Cheating is bad. There are several ways you can seek a penalty if Proctor catches you if you are cheating. If you are caught doing Proctorio cheating, then you need to learn to explain your actions.

First off, if you know that the lecturer has sufficient evidence to prove you cheated, you can opt to admit the mistake and negotiate for a lesser penalty.

If the ProctorU or Proctorio system indicated that you participated in cheating in the challenging items, you can deny the incident and argue your case to come out of the trap.

For example, if the system flagged you that you gazed your eyes around, you can defend yourself by saying you were responding to an emergency like an electrical fault.