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Can Proctor Detect Tabs, Screen Sharing, Phones, or Devices?

proctor detect tabs

The use of proctor software is important in promoting exam integrity. Today, there are many leading proctoring programs that use artificial intelligence to prevent cheating in online exams. For instance, ProctorU is simply among the best in the industry.

Its effectiveness in proctoring is unmatched and works perfectly to help educational institutions in proctoring. This program has its provisions and restrictions in ensuring that there is exam integrity for the test takers.

In this detailed review, we explore how Proctor works by detecting screen sharing, phones, mobile devices, and open tabs. We explain why you should not try these, as the proctoring software will detect and prevent you.

The test takers should use the right equipment to prevent any technicalities that may arise during the exams. That said, we intend to inform you about the functionality and usefulness of this program to your mission. Let’s get started.

Understanding How Proctor Works

Proctor is live and secures an online exam session to assist the test-takers in completing their assignment. It can be a suitable option, especially for those students who are handling courses at a distance.

doing online exam

The student will require the following items:

  • A Computer running Mac or Windows.
  • A webcam, whether external or internal.
  • A microphone for monitoring sound in the testing environment.
  • A dependable internet connection.

Before you commence on any exam, you should schedule the appointment via Proctor service. Before logging into the exam, you must have a student ID as allowed by your institution. Furthermore, the user should operate in a private and well-lit room.

Again, ensure that you clear all the workspaces until it is free of any suggestive materials except those agreed by the professor. Again, this software complies with the code of conduct to deal with your information ethically and professionally.

One should clear all third-party programs as they could be sources of cheating materials.  You should unplug all secondary monitors. Lastly, ensure that you download either Firefox or chrome extension.

The exam launch process will vary depending on if the live human proctors launch an exam. If you are not using a live proctored launch, then the system will guide you stepwise.

For instance, if it is a live human-proctored launch, the process takes less than ten minutes. Ensure that you test your equipment to reduce any technical challenges during the launching process.


Once you down the ProctorU extension, the program prompts you to accept the terms of service and the guidelines. The browser lets you share the screen. The programs will guide you on several checks to see if your system has a minimum requirement.

for artificial intelligence

Another step is to take a photo for the authentication process. Finally, a testing process requires you to type so that the system knows your typing speed. However, your instructors will determine if this feature should be active or not.

There is a requirement to download a chatbox file. Such allows you to text your instructor and confirm anything that is not clear to you.

Next, ProctorU will let you review the exam rules and know the instructor’s items that the instructor permitted you to have in the room.

The program has a remote system check where it takes charge of the mouse and the keyboard to ensure no unpermitted program runs. This restriction is meant to curb cheating in online classes and ensure the integrity of exams.

The presence of a camera pan works great by asking the user to take a 360-degree view of your room. However, the software may still ask you to show your computer monitor. Ensure that the cell phone is out of reach.

At this point, this system will direct you to the exam delivery system, where you will unlock it via the password.  The instructor will provide the said password and begin taking it. The webcam views your screen and records everything throughout this period.

The ProctorU program does not access your computer files without your permission. Once the exams begin, Proctor can view your screen but does not use your keyboard or mouse.

The following actions are not acceptable during a ProctorU-monitored exam:

  1. Talking aloud.
  2. Looking off-screen.
  3. Prohibited materials during the exam.
  4. Using a virtual machine. 
  5. Using a secondary monitor.
  6. Taking screenshots or photos during the exams.
  7. Copy-pasting any exam elements.
  8. Anybody entering your testing area.
  9. Someone is talking to you while sitting in your testing area.
  10. Staying out of the camera view.

Can Proctor Detect Open Tabs

Proctor can detect open tabs because it is a proctoring software that monitors computer activities and prevents cheating. It is a program that can not only know the number of opened tabs but also prevent them from being accessed. To stay on the safe side, avoid going to any sites that the examiner does not allow when the session is on.

Proctor is a powerful platform backed by artificial intelligence to observe any changes on the screen and report the case to the center.

In addition, the platform has a mechanism to watch how the student is navigating away from the exam page. For that matter, it can tell the sites that you accessed during the examination period.

Read our article on ProctorU cheating and the hacks that students use to try and cheat and learn how you can prevent it.

Can Proctor See Your Screen

As a proctor software, ProctorU has the ability to monitor and see your screen when doing an exam. The software records the activities of your screen for review and determination by the instructors. If they find reasons to believe that the record screen activities gave you any advantage to cheat, they will take the necessary action according to the institution’s policy.

Proctor uses artificial intelligence in online exams using real-time to watch what happens on your screen. For instance, they can see what you are typing on the same screen.

Any student taking their exams under this program should shun accessing sensitive suites that could cancel the exam once caught. The role of this Proctor is to ensure that there is strict academic honesty while doing your exam.

Can Proctor Detect Screen Mirroring?

Proctor can detect screen mirroring because it has a mechanism to discover screen activities. The program will notify the instructor when you use it. Screen mirroring is an avenue that many students use to cheat during these exams.

Proctor Detects Screen Mirroring

It is a wireless display that students use to share what is on the screen and let others access the answers.

Although the webcam will scan the room to determine safety, one may hide a mirror during the scanning process.

Then, as the process completes, one may place a mirror on a strategic point where one can see the screen and understand what is there.

In the process, one seated in the adjacent room will access answers and provide feedback to the test-taker. While this is a method used to cheat proctor exams, it is a very risky method.

Is Proctor Chrome Extension Safe?

Proctor is a safe platform for the professor and students to interact as they perform the required activities. For instance, the program does not interfere with your files on the computer. In other words, it upholds your privacy.

proctor chrome extension safe

The information that the program records are only accessible to the right personnel.

For this case, any details about your score on this platform are only accessible by the instructor.

In case there are questionable details, they will inform you without letting other third parties know. Read more about it so that you will know Proctor can detect cheating and also understand it more.

Can Proctor Detect HDMI?

The Proctor cannot detect the HDMI cable when in operation. The role of this cable is to mirror your screen and display it in the next room. Thus, anyone watching the screen in the adjacent room will be free to look for the answers to relevant stuff and pass them on to the test taker.

It is a system that operates well if you want to cheat on Proctor. The cool thing is Proctor will not use red flags on such a loophole.

FAQs on Proctor

Can a proctor detect multiple monitors?

The program does not have a provision for the student to use multiple screens on the same screen. Precisely, this program does not permit multiple monitors. Instead, you can set up a virtual machine that can help you cheat if you want to get answers remotely from other students from the next room.

Can Proctoru see your laptop screen?

Yes. The user must connect the screen with the video chat, which also checks your identity. There is a provision for the examiner to see your screen. This program also checks the activities on your screen and raises the alarm on suspicious occasions.

Is Proctor a Real Person?

No, Proctor is not a real person. It’s a smart program using artificial intelligence in exams online. However, this program has features that make one thing that the real person is watching you. The only difference is that using artificial intelligence to monitor many activities around you can take note of all the irregularities in the room.

It works as if a real person was in the room where you are taking the exam. Unfortunately, the instructor must go through all the records to determine if they flagged off valid actions.