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The University of American Samoa: Is the Law School Real


The University of American Samoa is not real. It is a fictional name that came into existence as a result of appearing in a TV show called Breaking bad.

Since this name has appeared in different places including clothes, it seems real but it is fiction. The name was only created as a plot device in the first episode of the TV show.

Therefore, it is not an actual law school and this is the reason why many people have made unverifiable jokes about it. 

Is There Anything Like American Samoa Law School?

There is nothing like the American Samoa school of law. It is one of the leading examples of fake universities which most people think exist. There are no professors teaching here or homework done by students.

Seemingly, the name has been in existence for many years with no detection that it is a fake institution. There has been no one who took the step to look closely and prove the existence of this university.

Only those who have watched the television series can know that American Samoa law school is fictional. 

It is important to know that the people in charge of writing the script for Breaking Bad were not doing so for the public.

When the university of Samoa law school was included in the script, the content was meant for the show. It simply shows that there is a possibility of many other fake universities existing as a result of the name being scripted for shows or movies. 

Characters Appearing in the University Of American Samoa

The University of American Samoa is just a fictional school. The fake institution only made an appearance in the Breaking bad television show, particularly in the first episode of the third season.

Therefore, the characters appearing in it are the actors of this show, and its prequel series called “Better Call Saul” that followed later. 

Patrick Adams is one of the leading characters in the Breaking Bad show. The Canadian actor played the role of Mike Ross, who featured as a university dropout in the show.

Breaking Bad Show

Appearing in the first episode of the third season, the character is a resourceful lawyer but does not have a degree.

This is where the University of American Samoa was introduced in the script of the show.

Patrick Adams portrays this role perfectly but there was concern about his lack of a law degree.

The self-confidence portrayed by the character despite the lack of academic credentials in law was one of the best parts of the series. 

Jesse Pinkman is another notable Breaking Bad character. The role was played by Aaron Paul. He is a funny, smart, and kind-hearted persona in the series.

Walter Hartwell was a non-performing high school chemistry teacher in Albuquerque. In this character that was played by Bryan Cranston, he started the manufacture of methamphetamine after it was disclosed that he has cancer.

He employed the services of Jesse Pinkman, one of his former students to help in selling the products. 

Skyler White, a role that was played by Ann Gunn was Walter’s wife. She worked as a bookkeeper and sold several items on eBay but her major role was aiding her husband in the dirty business of money laundering. 

A discussion of the University of Samoa’s characters cannot be complete without mentioning Saul Goodman. In this role that was played by James McGill, Saul is a slippery and dishonest lawyer who represents Walter and Jesse. 

In most cases, Saul Goodman is the character that provides comic relief in this series, especially in the first episode.

The use of the name Goodman was to instill confidence in his clients. He was an attorney who maintained a good relationship with criminals.

Despite being linked to drug distributors, impersonation, and tampering with evidence, the lawyer was good at protecting his clients.

Areas Where American Samoa School is Found Online

1. Social media posts

There is plenty of information about this fake university on different social media platforms. For instance, different Facebook and Instagram posts exist with information about the law school. Most of the posts are just for fun but others created them thinking the university was real. 

2. Reviews of the show

Through reviews, you can find and learn so much about American Samoa school. Lovers of the Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul TV series have written numerous reviews about the show.

Parts of these reviews have information about this fiction school.

3. Merchandize to wear

University of American Samoa

Many merchandises have been printed with the American Samoa school information.

You can find T-shirts, jumpers, and sweatshirts all coming in different colors and sizes. 

4. Memes

American Samoa school is also present in memes that depict various ideas, styles, and behavior.

The pictures of this school captioned in memes have spread widely on most social media platforms. These memes have photos and images that also represent the characters of the television show.

Common University of American Samoa Merchandise

1. T-shirt

Different companies have printed amazing t-shirts with the University of American Samoa’s name on them. There are lightweight, short sleeve, long sleeve, and heavy t-shirts that are 100% cotton.

No matter the sex, you can get this T-shirt in most of the leading cloth shops. Wearers of this apparel have always received different compliments when wearing t-shirts.

While some know the university name is not real, others still confuse it for a real law school.

2. Sweatshirt

University of American Samoa sweatshirts are also available in shops and online. You can get good designs that have this name or characters associated with the breaking bad TV show.

A cool 100% cotton sweatshirt with this log is just the perfect way to be unique. 

If you explore and research properly, you will come across sweatshirts that have been created by independent artists from different parts of the world.

The University of American Samoa sweatshirts come in different colors, sizes, and styles. You can select those with hoods or those that are plain. 

3. Jumpers


There are amazing deals online that can help you get a university of American Samoa jumper at affordable prices.

If you are a lover of this fictional law school, there is an extensive selection of amazing jumpers available for you.

These jumpers are the best if you want to catch the attention of others. Ranging from cotton to polyester, you can get perfectly branded jumpers that have a high wearing comfort.