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Teachers Dating Students: Why it is Bad and How to Prevent

Teachers Dating Students

In recent times, cases of teachers dating their students have been on the rise. While they have been there before, the recent rise in such cases can be attributed to the rise of open media to expose them.

With social media and phones to record and expose such cases, the statistic has definitely been on the rise.

In this article, we take a look at the main reasons why such cases happen and why teachers dating students is really a bad idea both for the school and for the victims. By looking at that, we will explore how different educational institutions deal with such cases.

Reasons why it is not Good for a Professor to Date a Student

Universities and schools banned lecturers from dating students after these students filed several complaints that resulted from such relationships.

classroom affair

In response, the institutions of higher learning set up policies that guided such incidences.

Any relationship that exists between the teacher and a student may lead to abuse.

Whenever there is a conflict of interest, the professor who has a lot of influence on someone’s career may use that to advance his agenda. The best practice is to shun away from such relationships.

Such relationships may impair the learning environment. Some students who are studying the same course may sense favoritism and unfairness in the awarding of grades.

In the long run, such actions may discourage hardworking students from following the correct path. It is also a reason why professors cannot date students, as it exposes the unethical part of their conduct.

When a teacher dates students, it may degenerate into sexual harassment since these teachers hold a lot of power over a student’s performance.

The institutions of higher learning ought to protect students from such abuses. The ban on such relationships is because nobody is sure if the teacher will act in good faith. 

Lastly, a teacher dating a student may be a violation of the policies in a certain institution, which may accompany serious consequences.

For instance, the lecturer can receive a dismissal should the investigation by the administration find him guilty.

Reasons Why Some Professors Date a Student  

Depending on the institution’s policies, some allow a professor to date a student as long as the student is not under his supervision or in the same class.

student-teacher affair

Some rules allow lecturers to have romantic and sexual relationships with students from different departments.

In cases where a university reviewed a ban on student relationships while the previous one was still existing, then the culprits were to apply for exemption from the highest authority in the university.

However, such exemptions do not rule out abuse since the victims must exercise decorum and act in good faith.

It is advisable for a lecturer to date students from a different institution. The reasons behind this are that there could be less conflict of interest, like sexual harassment.

Also, by dating a student from a different university, you will be protecting yourself from cases of violating the university’s policies against such practices.

Alternatively, a lecturer can still date a former student as long as the same student is out of the institution’s system.

Here, the two can make independent decisions and move on without compromising their interests.

How Universities Deal with Professors Dating Students

Dating between lecturers and students can be a serious crime, depending on how different institutions interpret it.

Some universities banned it completely to ensure that the professors do not take advantage of such incidences to exploit the students and vice versa.

Several universities in the US have their set policies on the code of conduct between a learner and an instructor, thereby preventing teachers from dating students.

The role of setting up such policies is to ensure academic integrity and prevent sexual abuse. Here is a list of universities and how they deal with the dating issue.

University of Iowa

university of Iowa

The University of Iowa has a clear policy on how a lecturer should relate with the students.

Uniquely, this institution of higher learning does not prohibit a teacher from dating a student.

However, it only banned it in the context of supervisory since they believe the culprits may use such incidences to compromise the quality of the academic credentials.

The University of Iowa encourages the affected party to report any sexual harassment under their supervisory framework to the dean for further investigation. If found guilty, a lecturer in question may face a reprimand or dismissal.

Princeton University

If you are teaching at Princeton University as a professor, remember that there is a complete ban on having a romantic or sexual relationship with any students within the institution.

Specifically, the policy does not allow a faculty member to have a relationship with students to whom one has a professional responsibility. Such responsibility could involve teaching, advising, evaluating, or supervising.

The policy encourages faculty members not to abuse their power by using sexual relationships to harass their students for cheap gains.

A student can report such cases to the Provost, who shall investigate the issue. A guilty professor can face termination or expulsion from the institution.

Drexel University

Drexel joined the league of those institutions of higher learning that do not tolerate dating among the students and the teachers. However, it does not completely ban professors from dating students in the university.

The only restriction is that it banned the occurrence of such relationships only in the period of instruction.

In that regard, it allowed the existence of such relationships apart from the season of instructions to avoid a conflict of interests.

The cool thing is this university has a penalty for any teacher who acts in violation of this policy. If found guilty of such offenses, you can face a demotion or a termination of services from the institution.

Dartmouth University

Teachers dating students in the university can be problematic, and that is why Dartmouth University banned such practices among the lecturers and the students completely.

The University policies restrict faculty members from forming sexual relationships with students since such incidents end up being abusive.

The professors who hold power over someone’s career used such occasions to harass innocent female students.

Dartmouth University stands out as a unique institution in ensuring academic integrity for all its learners. More so, there are tough consequences for any teacher who is guilty of such crimes. The disciplinary committee can dismiss or demote such a lecturer.

Cornell University

Every institution in the US is experiencing sexual harassment cases among professors and students. In response, Cornell University set up policies to manage such situations and avert the underlying consequences.

Just like Drexel University, Cornell banned dating between the teacher and the student only during the period of instruction.

Outside such parameters, the two are at liberty to date and make their own choices. This university tolerates relationships as long as they do not violate the set restrictions. 

Any abuse and violation of such policies are subject to serious consequences. For example, a guilty person can face termination from their duties.