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Most of my Students are Failing: Here are Tips on What to do


Failing students in exams and assignments is a common thing in every institution of learning.  One of the key reasons why the student falls into such a trap is lack of adequate preparation.

A student can approach the examination with an easy mindset while failing to know the importance of preparation. 

Besides, another cause of students’ fail is lack of interest or motivation. Therefore, both teachers and parents should assume the role of motivation to assist the student in relating the importance of studies in real life.

Let them inspire the student towards reaching their goals and motivate to work towards achieving them. Lack of passion or interest is a great hindrance to success journey. 

Why Students Fail in Exams

1. Lack of Focus

The present society is tech-savvy, where mobile phones and smart devices are necessities making it challenging for someone to concentrate without any distractions.

Students Failing

If you become an internet addict, whereby you can access it all the time, you may get tempted to sink in the social media and the world of video games while failing to strike a balance between your private life and studies. 

One reason why a student will fail is the lack of focus on the studies while gathering all the thoughts on some time-consuming paranormal activities. 

2. Lack of Effort 

Passing should be a deliberate effort by placing the right initiatives to see you through. A student will have the satisfaction while getting grades C and D and fail to recognize the importance of better grades. 

Some students have a mindset of not being ready to improve on the current grades. Unfortunately, such a careless mindset may lead to student’s failure. 

3. Personality Issues 

It is an issue that has no definite explanation for every student. Even so, some reasons could be challenging to identify and correct.

For instance, a student can lack peace of mind due to their parental raising. Others could be social misfits putting them at risk of intermingling with other people effectively. 

A student should have a good personality where he/she can relate with classmates and faculty and access success. A faculty should arrange seminars and sessions for weakening performing students and see if you can improve the condition. 

4. Lack of Perseverance 

Learning is a continuous process and comes in different phases of life. Therefore, a student should know that it can happen even when priorities of life change. As such, one should dedicate enough time to learn and succeed in life. 

It could be suicidal to take life easy and lack skills to handle unexpected obstacles and other challenges that you meet in life. When one thinks that success is easy, it may bring false hopes and expectations. 

5. Economic Issues

A large percentage of students are victims of economic challenges. As a result, some may not afford extra resources that assist them in their studies. More so, others could lack as fundamental as fare to go to school and reach on time. 

A student may be urged to work hard and be successful, but experiencing economic challenges may take them backward.

For instance, being unable to afford a computer or internet connection at home may sacrifice how you do your homework effectively hence lagging. 

6. Poor Time Management 

It is necessary to manage your time well and invest it towards the practical purpose.

Time Management Tips

A focused student must dedicate time to learning while fixing the correct priorities of life.

Inability to manage time effectively will compromise the outcome of your studies.

Avoid non-academic actions that will consume most of your time. 

Another thing is that a student may have many academic commitments, hence failing to prioritize their studies and lose valuable time.   

7. Fear of Failure 

A student should learn that failure is only a stepping stone to higher things. For that matter, a student should refer to now that failure does not mean death, but it is only part of life. 

One of the top reasons that make the student fail is the fear of failure. Such could make them have a negative attitude towards progress and fail to take positive action to get better grades.

Therefore, a good teacher should inspire the students to learn from failure and move on in life. 

8. Poor Educational System

A poor education system is responsible for inadequate learning while spoiling a winning attitude. Moreover, when the system fails to embrace diverse learning and teaching styles, it will affect those students who do not prefer the current style. 

If that is the case, you can find a way out by setting a roadmap towards success by lifting them when they encounter fewer failures and induce more positive energy. 

9. Procrastination

One should have good study habits to improve your success rate. For example, a student can fail to study daily lessons and regularly practice the same challenges.

This makes the portions of such information remain pending and pilling up. In the end, it becomes difficult to study some days before the examination.

10. Over-confidence 

Possessing an over-confident personality may also lead to failure. You may overestimate your capacity to handle a problem, yet you lack enough skills to accomplish a similar task leading to humiliating failure. Often, over-confident students think it was the professor trying to fail them.

Never undermine any task that you lack enough knowledge about because it can make you fail your favorite subject. 

What to Do When Students Fail a Test

When the students fail a test, you should ask yourself if the test was valid. If the answer is yes, then establish if it was at par with what it intended to measure on the particular skill that they have been studying.

Students Doing a Test

If the failure rate was too high, it implies that many students did not master the topic. 

Another way is to approach the individual student and try to offer personal help in areas of difficulty.

For example, one category of students may require re-teaching and offering enrichment.

Get the number of the student who needs re-teaching and provides a targeted study guide. Then, have them study, and you correct their mistakes on the test. 

It is good to note that a certain students’ failure research showed that 29.2% of students fail while studying on-campus classes. Another15-23 percent of students fail while studying online classes. 

Test Re-Takes-Takes: Are They Good?

Instructors would allow for test re-takes-takes to give a student to learn from failures. However, caution is critical for the institution to let the parents know that the student requests a re-take- test. 

  • A test re-take-take gives the student ample time to prepare for it 
  • You are likely to score better if you prepared for it adequately
  • You get an opportunity to pass and proceed to the next stage
  • It has diverse consequences according to the institution’s policy, including repeating bathe the whole unit.
  • Some institutions require that you pay for it.

What to do when students fail Tests or Class

You can begin by conducting a studying analysis to discover if the student has the suitable studying habits to meet goals.

Then, you can encourage the student to back the study with appropriate resources within the covered topics. Finally, let them seek help for any inappropriate material.

You can opt to reteach and allow them to re-take a test for those who need it. You can reach out to the student and get all the information leading to what has been brewing. Additionally, you can offer them another test and get the average of the two grades.