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What Does a Safeassign Percentage Mean?

a good percentage score

After you submit your work, it’s processed, and an originality report is generated. The report shows the Safeassign percentage, which highlights any unoriginal content. However, when your teacher creates an assignment on Safeassign, he determines whether you will view the results or not.

The report highlights all the matching text. In the light of the score, both the student and teachers should use the report as an opportunity to learn how to give attributions and not just paraphrase.

The originality report gives a list of sources copied from, highlighting each source with a different color. Meaning, if there are 20 different sources, they will highlight in 20 different colors.   

What Is a Safeassign Percentage?

A Safeassign percentage in the originality report is the overall Safeassign score for your paper. This means the percentage translates to the amount of matching content of your work to material that is already existing.

a safeassign report

When a Safeassign report has been processed, it is accessed on the Grade Assignment page. A Grade assignment page is accessed either from the Needs Grading page or from the Grade Center.

A Safeassign section is viewed in the grading sidebar on the Grade assignment page.  Similarly, a percentage pops up on the grading sidebar when the report is ready to view.

The originality report is accessed when paper processing is finished. It shows the percentage of text in the submitted work that matches existing sources.

It shows potential sources for the individual text of the submitted paper that shows a match.

The faculty can remove the rhyming sources from the paper and rerun it. This is an essential step to know whether the paper is a continuation of a previously submitted assignment by the same student.

In addition, when a student’s work is deleted from a course, its content remains in the database. This means it can be used to look for any matching by other students in future submissions.

Meaning of Safeassign Percentage

A percentage is used by the faculty to determine if a student copied. A teacher should be keen to read the entire student’s work to identify whether the matching text was adequately attributed since the report shows the matching text taken from other sources.

A SafeAssign percentage means the level of similarity between the scanned text and the source. It is a percentage score that shows the matching level of the two texts. In simple terms, it represents the degree of similarity of the copied text, and the original text that one copied from.

The overall score means the percentage of a submitted paper matches with existing sources.

showing low-risk score

 For example, a score of 95 means that there is a 95 percent probability that these two passages are the same.

While a score of 15 shows that there is a 15 percent chance that the highlighted text matches with an already existing material. The score highlights content from the existing source, whether it’s well attributed or not.

The Safeassign score is solely a warning indicator, and it’s the faculty’s responsibility to ascertain whether the student’s work is appropriately cited or not.

Low Safeassign scores below 15 percent: this means the paper has a few common quotes and phrases that match other documents. Such submissions don’t require further analysis.

A medium score between 15 and 40 percent: this means the papers are plagiarized. They have extensively quoted and paraphrased content. However, the teacher should check further to see whether it is attributed correctly.

High Safeassign score of 40 and above: this implies the content is plagiarized highly. Meaning a student copied the text extensively from another source.

Difference Between Safeassign Percentage and Safeassign Score

There is no difference between a Safeassign score and a Safeassign percentage; they represent the same. A Safeassign score means the percentage by which a document matches with other existing documents.

Sentence matching score gives the probability by which any two phrases have the same meaning. The score number depicts the reciprocal to the probability that these two passages are similar in chance.

Reading a Report from Multiple Attachments and Attempts on Safeassign

multiple attachments

Safeassign does not check a student’s current submission against his previous content submissions.

Uniquely, it can identify multiple attempts for a particular assignment submitted by the same student for the same.

Similarly, if the submission has more than one attachment, each is listed in the report.

What is a Good Safeassign Percentage?

A good Safeassign percentage is any score that is below 15 %.  A that is lower than 15% means a few instances of matching text in your submitted work. Usually, you have used commonly used phrases and quotes.

It is seen as a good similarity score since it lies within the low plagiarism levels of between 0-15, depicting your work as original. Safeassign looks for borrowed content in your work that overlaps with other existing materials.

100 % match on Safeassign

If the report indicates a 100% match, it shows a student copied the highlighted item word for word from an existing source. Usually, this happens when you use quotes by other people: copying and pasting directly. This is not a problem when the cited text matches 100 percent.

However, one can still copy but not get detected with plagiarism. Check out some of the ways to write essays without plagiarizing and see how to have essays that get good scores.