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Matched with Your Professor? Why Professors Avoid Dating Apps

Professors Avoid Dating Apps

Matching up with someone for the first time can be nerve-wracking. You may feel nervous that you might not connect with the person as well as you’d want to and that it could go wrong very easily.

Professors using dating apps are having a hard time with it too. Dating apps are constantly growing, but many professors prefer not to use them due to their uncertainty regarding the dating potentials of the app users and how they feel they can be trusted since they have just met them.

What to do if you Matched with Your Professor

If you matched with your professor on a dating app, here are some things to keep in mind:

looking for a match
  • Understand the relationship will be professional
  • Keep your distance until you’ve determined if it’s professional
  • Don’t give them any personal information
  • Consider taking a screenshot of the conversation and reporting it to administrators at both institutions
  • Do not reveal your identity unless you’re ready for a serious relationship

Why it is Wrong to Date Your Professor

1. Unethical

Professors are teachers and are the duty to impart information to their students. To date, your professor would be to exploit your position of power over them.

It is also highly inappropriate because it could make it harder for your professor to focus on teaching and make it more likely that they will cheat on their students.

2. Conflict of Interest

Dating your professor is also bad because it will cause confusion and trouble in other areas of your life. If you were already having problems getting along with someone else in your life, adding another person into the mix would only make things worse.

don't do it

You should never date someone who has power over your education or career path. This could put you at risk of losing future opportunities if they decide not to renew your contract after graduation or, even worse, let their feelings for you get in the way of their professional responsibilities.

Students often date professors because they are in positions of authority and because students tend to be attracted to people who have power over them. If a student does not feel comfortable with the professor, this could result in a conflict of interest.

The professor may be obliged to report any relationship between himself or herself and a student and any potential misconduct to protect other students from possible harm.

3. Against Institution’s Rule

Thirdly, if you don’t want to get into trouble with the administration and/or faculty members, it’s best not to date anyone anyway. If they find out that you are dating someone from their school, they might ask who that person is so they can tell other people about him/her, which could lead to problems for both of you.

Most institutions have sound policies addressing professor-student relationship.

In addition, dating someone from another school might mean that their parents may ask your parents about this person too, which would lead them to think badly about both of you and possibly make things worse than before.

For instance, the professor may violate the law if he or she has sexual relations with his or her student. While it’s unlikely that someone allowed to teach at an institution would face criminal charges for having sex with one of his or her students, such conduct could be considered sexual harassment under some circumstances and, therefore, illegal.

If a professor were found guilty of sexual harassment, it could create a hostile work environment for other faculty members and students at the same institution.

Cases where Students Date Professors

Here are the main reasons why students date their professors:

be my date

To get away from their parents

If you are a student and want to break away from your family, then dating a professor is a great way to do so.

They’re usually more mature than the average student, and they will probably be able to understand your needs better than anyone else.

Because they’re Older, More Experienced and Wiser

Dating a professor can seem like an easy way for students to meet people who are older than them, have more experience, and know how to deal with things that may come up in their lives. These professors might also have some wisdom about life that will help you grow as a person.

Because they’re More Attractive than Your Friends

Students tend not to be attracted to their classmates because of the lack of maturity in most relationships between kids at this age. 

However, when it comes time for people to graduate or move on with their lives, they might find themselves attracted to professors who are prettier than most of their peers.

If you’re looking for someone who will treat you well and keep you safe at all times, then dating a professor could be just what you need!

Why Professors Should Avoid Dating Apps like Tinder

It is also because dating apps can reinforce stereotypes about what kind of person you should be.

using tinder

Tinder is a mobile dating app that allows users to pair up with people around them.

The basic idea is that you swipe left or right on your screen to indicate if the person you’re looking at matches your interests (e.g., someone who likes science fiction movies). If they do, then they can send you a message.

If they don’t match your interests, they disappear from your feed and are out of your life forever. The result is that Tinder has become an incredibly fertile ground for sexual harassment.

Many reasons why dating apps like Tinder are not a good idea for professors.

1. It’s easy to get fooled by fake profiles and creeps

2. It makes it harder to find a partner who is serious about a relationship

3. Professors are too busy to use these apps

4. It’s too easy to get hooked on the app

5. You may not be ready to date right now

6. You could end up feeling used and discarded

7. The process of finding someone new is exhausting