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College Ruled vs Wide Ruled Paper Dimensions

College Ruled vs Wide Ruled

The world has many different types of writing instruments. There are notebooks and notebooks, pens, pencils, highlighters, and all sorts of other markers.

However, there’s also a great variety of writing surfaces for these notes to be taken down. There a college and wide-ruled paper used for this purpose. So, what is the difference between these two options and how does each differ from the other?

College Ruled and Wide Ruled

A college-ruled note is a paper with ruled lines and can be used for any type of writing. It is usually lined paper, but it can also be a blank sheet of paper.

college ruled paper

The lines on the top and bottom of the sheet are known as ruling lines, and the spaces between these lines are known as ruling spaces.

The amount of space between each line is referred to as an inch, sometimes in points or picas.

A wide-ruled notebook is a great choice for serious student or professional who wants to keep track of all their notes, assignments, and other important information. There are many benefits to using a wide-ruled notebook over traditional notebooks.

Wide ruled notebooks have ruled paper 2mm in thickness, allowing for longer writing and easier-to-read notes. The pages of these notebooks are water resistant, so you can use them in wet environments without worrying about your notes getting ruined by rain or sweat.

The pages of these notebooks are also thicker than most standard ruled paper, so they will last much longer than standard ruled paper and won’t tear as easily when you bend down to write on the page.

This makes wide-ruled notebooks more durable than standard-ruled notebooks and less likely to get damaged when exposed to rough treatment, such as being tossed around in a backpack or purse during school activities or travel.

Differentiate between College Ruled vs Wide Ruled

College-ruled paper is a type of paper that is designed to be used by teachers and other professionals. It is usually made from recycled paper, has a smooth finish, and is professionally ruled. College-ruled paper is often used in classrooms as it is more durable than standard writing paper.

wide ruled paper

On the other hand, wide-ruled paper is a type of writing surface designed for everyday use. It has a rough surface and can be easily torn or crumpled by hand. Wide-ruled papers are typically used for schoolwork or preparing reports because they are easier to write than college-ruled papers.

College-ruled papers are designed to be written on a standard 8.5 x 11 inch paper. They are slightly wider than the average sheet of paper, which allows for a generous margin at the top and bottom of the page. The paper is smooth and comfortable to write on and is usually acid-free.

Wide-ruled papers are designed to be written on a standard 8.5 x 11 inch paper. They also have a generous margin at the top and bottom of the page, but they are wider than college-ruled paper, which allows for more space between lines of text.

The paper is matte finish and not smooth like college-ruled paper, making it easier to write without smudging or smearing your writing with ink when you transfer it from one surface to another.

Advantages of College-Ruled Paper

  1. The students can get more time to work on their papers because they are allowed to write in a smaller space.
  2. The students who struggle with choosing their words can easily choose the words they want in the paper using the Roman numeral.
  3. Students can write their papers without worrying about spelling mistakes or grammatical errors because the lines are not long enough for them to make mistakes when writing.

Advantages of Wide Ruled

  1. It is very easy to read and write.
  2. The lines are spaced far enough apart so that the words can be read easily without much effort.
  3. Wide-ruled paper is less likely to get smudged or stained than regular or letter-sized paper because it is wider, and there are more spaces between lines, making it easier to clean up with a damp cloth or sponge.

Disadvantages of College-Ruled Paper

writing on college ruled paper
  1. It is not easy to handle because the paper is not thick enough. It is difficult to write on it and does not have a clear border.
  2. You cannot use a pencil or pen for your writing because the paper is not thick enough.
  3. The ink from the pen will run off and stain your fingers, which may be a problem if you are writing in class or at home

Disadvantages of Wide Ruled

  1. Writing is heavy and difficult to write on wide-ruled paper.
  2. Wide ruling makes it difficult for you to write in a straight line.
  3. Wide ruling makes it difficult for you to write in a uniform width.
  4. Writing is not as smooth as on normal paper.
  5. The paper gets easily torn when you fold it vertically or horizontally.