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I Can’t Write my Essay? Tips how to Focus on Writing Essays

Structure of a good Essay

Are you trying to write your assignment, but you simply can’t write your essays? Well, you are not alone. Many students experience this once in a while. In this post, we seek to help you with tips on how you can focus on writing your essays in such situations.

I sought the opinion of one of the best essay-writing teams in the industry, and they gave me a lot of insight. Above all the nuggets, their best essay writer advised focus and concentration are necessary.

She said that one needs to be focused before writing an acceptable, easy piece to complete the assignment. The most biting issue among many students is the lack of suitable conditions to construct an essay.

The cool thing is you can overcome the challenge by securing the right environment for writing a suitable essay.  If you cannot write essays, just hire an essay writer to help you with it and score well.

What to do when you feel you Can’t Write

Essay writing can be easy or unbearable to some people. It takes more than focus and determination to write a convincing essay.

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One thing to do is to eliminate writer’s block or avoid procrastination to get the right energy to perform your easy writing task. 

If you can write an essay, start by overcoming the negative feelings that are battling your focus. Also, try to combine it with the activities you enjoy.

Then you need to show up and do it. Just sit down and embark on your work. Such actions will surprise you as you begin and retain the same momentum.

One of the leading hindrances to affect your need for focus is harboring distractions. As such, you should ensure that you locate a quiet place and ensure you open a specific program that deals with your research topics only. 

Another point that makes writers lose focus is the lack of incentives. That includes rewarding yourself as you write the essays. Such includes taking a few minutes to break between the writing sessions to relax your mind. 

In extreme cases, many opt to outsource a writer who can craft the correct content to serve similar purposes. 

Tips on How to Improve Focus When Writing Essay

1. Be Passionate 

As you aim to write, fire up your passion by operating at the correct angle. Ensure that you get into the flow and concentrate on what you are doing. Such helps you to write naturally and fluently. 

Your mental state requires concentration for you to draw focus on what you want to do. Here, your mind will adjust to gathering facts that enable you are to craft the right piece. 

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2. Create an Outline 

One of the key things to help you make your work easy is to create the topic outline.

This specifies the items of discussion and delivers your research logically.

The role of an outline is structuring your writing tasks and getting the right task. Let the subtopics follow procedurally and finally end with a conclusion. 

3. Relocate to a friendly environment

Distractions are ever-present and you have to handle them well to prevent you from going off the lane. If you notice the distraction, name the monster. That way, you will avoid it by relocating to a peaceful place where you can focus. 

However, you can employ different approaches, like changing the method. It could be using a different writing method like Linux or a different word processor.

Relocating could mean moving to a different position, like a park, and work well because there will be minimal distractions. 

Some of the most common forms of distraction could be radio, TV, or your smartphone. Also, ensure you close down the unnecessary tabs on your computer screens.

You can still shut the door or close that email program. Turn off your radio and TV to secure your focus. 

4. Change your Writing Schedule 

Some people write the best at a given time. For instance, one could be excellent at writing during early morning hours. You can alter your routine by waking up a bit earlier than usual to increase your efficiency. 

However, if you are handling some other unavoidable chores during this session, you can opt to change your writing schedule.

You can allocate additional time outside your regular schedule to write more projects as planned. Ensure that you use the most productive time to write a big junk of your work. 

Essay becomes easy

5. Meditate on the topic

Meditation is a way of developing concentration and securing calmness and lets you draw the right strength to face the pending writing task.

You can meditate by sitting on a chair in a quiet room and making some breathing counts.

The right place is calm to facilitate the meditation process. 

6. Insufficient Knowledge 

Some students may find writing a specific topic because they lack enough knowledge over that particular matter. Such a challenge comes when the student is not consistent in studies or taking notes during classwork. 

The remedy is for the student to allocate extra time and do more studies to exhaust a particular area of study.

As if that is not enough, the student should perform extensive research to grasp the topic and nail it as required by the lecturer. 

7. Keep it Simple

Avoid show-offs by writing your essay with big words. The right way is to use simpler terms that the reader will understand and interpret easily.

Notably, if you are writing for a particular industry, it is acceptable to maintain using technical jargon in the same field. That is because you are addressing a particular audience who are conversant with those particular phrases. 

Also, there is no specific word requirement for particular sentences. It could be a short or long sentence depending on the issue you are tackling. 

Read our comprehensive post on the 7 steps of writing a good essay so that you can know the skills and score well.

Reasons Why One Cannot Focus on Essay Writing

Many students experience trouble in writing an essay. It is a point of concern since essay writing is part of coursework.

Apart from writer’s block, students may encounter specific challenges that may make them fail to complete the assignment on time. Some other common issues that can affect your writing prowess are indicated below. 

1. Lack of Confidence 

Many students experience an inability to believe in one capability of writing a suitable essay for the coursework.

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If you think you are inadequate, then you are likely to have trouble writing a particular paper at first. 

You have to fight the self-doubt aspect, which is a great hindrance.

Such students end up submitting poorly written content.

However, the remedy is to strive to improve your writing skills.

You can opt to take an online course to hone your skills. The student could also improve their skills by seeking help from teachers and fellow students. 

2. Procrastination of essay tasks

Waiting too long before starting could be a great hindrance to your success. As soon as your lecturer issues this assignment, it is vital to start working on it as soon as possible.

Some students make the mistake of waiting too long on the pretext of figuring out how to approach the whole issue at once. 

When you wait for long, it makes you believe that it is an impossible task and makes the task hard to manage. The habit of post-postponement becomes an enemy that induces some laziness in students. 

3. Lengthy Word-Count 

Some students get intimidated by long-form essays that feature a long word count.  The long word count discourages the student from writing.

For instance, if you are writing 10000, it means you will require more time to complete the task. If you are a novice, it could be intimidating before you overcome such situations. 

4. Lack of Inspiration

As s student, you need to draw your writing inspiration from the experts. You should get inspiration from those who are ahead of you.

Allocate more time to learn the ropes from experts and ensure you fire up your spirit in writing the right content that gets the attention of your lecturers. 

Also, show interest in your writing. Some of the worst college essays are done by students who do not show interest and inspiration to write them.

5. Rushing through the Process

Some students may have the luxury of writing within a short period. As such, they lack suitable time to make some corrections and formats.

Rushing through the process may involve lacking suitable time to have the outlines and editing, which could compromise the quality of your final output. The only remedy here is to follow the due process and remain careful.