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Wild Chicken University: Enrollment at the Diploma Mill

All About Wild Chicken University

The wild chicken university is an organization that honors and gives academic credentials that are not standard.

Also known as a degree or diploma mill, these academic degrees are awarded to individuals with no academic study involved. In reality, you will have a degree or diploma certificate that is not officially recognized by the relevant accrediting bodies of the government.

As a purchaser of this degree, you will only claim to be a graduate but in the real sense, you did not attend any school. 

Is Wild Chicken University Practical?

The wild chicken university is practical for individuals who want fake academic credentials. The diplomas and degrees are given based on a life experience that is not clear.

Wild chicken university

It simply acts as a cover or facing of legitimacy but the holder knows the academic degree does not exist in reality. 

The degree mill from Wild chicken university is awarded from regional universities that have not received full accreditation from the government.

Even though some states see them as legal, these universities are not legitimate and most employers will not recognize the degree. 

Meanwhile, the diploma mill you receive at Wild Chicken University always bears the name of a real and legitimate university. In this case, the holder will know that he or she has a diploma from an accredited institution but it is counterfeit.

Why Is Wild Chicken University Name Funny?

The name given to this organization sounds funny and unreal because of the word “Wild Chicken”. In different cultures, wild chicken has been interpreted differently and many people could not associate it with a learning institution.

A good example is China where the wild chicken that is translated as “Ye Ji” is common slang for prostitutes. Other cultures associate a chicken university with an institution for cowards. This is the reason why most governments are adamant to let wild universities become popular. 

Admission And Graduation 

The admissions at Wild Chicken University are free and in PDF format. In essence, these admission offers are not real and |they are only aimed at making you feel you went closer to being in a real school.

admission requirements

Similarly, the graduation certificates are also in PDF. This certificate is not a real degree or diploma. All the content you will find in the university’s admission offer has a lot of borrowing from Stanford. 

The Reality of a Degree Mill from Wild Chicken University

The wild chicken university uses different tactics in an attempt to appear more legitimate to potential clients most of them being students.

First of all, these academic degrees and diplomas are not only illegitimate but pure fabrication. Practically, they are made up, fake, and simply not useful to you.

These credentials only rely on relevant life experience and are not associated with any legal learning academic programs. 

The university uses other accreditation mills to support and give the degrees a face of authenticity. There are instances when naive students and other individuals receive these degrees not knowing that they are illegitimate.

This has led to legal cases especially when the qualification appears in the victim’s resume.